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Caged in Ice

I hold my heart for you.

The Frozen Soul
13 October
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*note: Alot of my journal is written while I'm feeling down and lonely; therefore, this journal is not a full reflection of me as a person...but just a part of me.
Quite a few good minds of this universe have believed that the ultimate goal of existence is happiness. Unfortunately, the mass majority of people are wrong. It is my belief that existence is not about happiness, but about enjoying the good times while they are here.
Pain, itself, has a beautiful purpose. Without it, there would be nothing to base your happiness upon. "There is no light without darkness." (Legend) So see both pain and happiness with the same eye; the one that sees beauty.

I'm an attempting writer, and hope to be a director. Poetry, screenwriting, short stories, and even novels I'm considering. I am getting a rather large collection of poetry (only a portion of it is decent), a few short stories, writing a screenplay, and have a novel I'm trying to edit. Also was doing comic books, but my gah damn artist / best friend got a girlfriend and fucking ditched me. Bastard (nah, I still love the man).

"well I'm not a child, no, I'm much younger then that." Bright Eyes
"Desperate and empty, and full of the low, high on meaning of What, style and song is killing for life, nothing is all you can cut. Man made machine, now say what you mean, sit down and build us a Soul. The red is the black, and the black is the red, and the world is an empty Hole. The earth doesn't want me, the sky is too full, my fist is a hammer of air. Now I can destroy what you have got, and act like I really do care. Basic is simple, lets check out the end of sinners and stars and dust. The black is the red, and the red is the black, and the taste of control is just Rust." Powerman 5000.